About Us

The Forest Heath Group of Raynet was formed in 1984, it’s distinctive callsign G1RFH being granted the following year.

Several members have been part of the group since it’s inception: John, G6EUO, Originally having been deputy had, from 1986, been Controller stepping down in 2011.

Situated in the extreme west of it’s county, surrounded by forest and with two major air bases a few miles apart in it’s centre, the Forest Heath group maintain a regime of constant vigilance, with many others from surrounding groups assisting in it’s busy annual schedule.

The area serviced by the Forest Heath group had, during the early eighties, been overseen on a ‘caretaker’ basis by the West Norfolk group, on behalf of Suffolk county, but, with an increasing number of commitments being requested by User Services, a new, local, group was proposed.

The group’s catchment area encompasses most of the plantations maintained by the Forestry Commission, and the greater part of the group’s many commitments take place within the boundaries of this forest and in the towns and village settlements within it’s near environment.Much of it’s area is covered by Scots and Corsican pine forest plantations.

Regular events include Long Distance Walks and horse rides, cycle riding, motorcycle enduros and carnival parades.

Current membership stands at around thirty five.

The group’s on-air discussion forum takes place on Wednesday evenings at 20:30 on 144.625Mhz. All are welcome to call in and contrubute to the proceedings.

Communications facilities in earlier times.

During the ‘Cold War’ period hundreds of small underground bunkers were established. Manned by Royal Observer Corps volunteers, their function was to monitor radiation and gas contamination levels, reporting to a regional command centre, whose responsibility it was to advise the local government when it would be safe for service repair units to emerge, and when it could be appropriate for the general public to return home.

Please contact us for any information, or if we can help you or your organisation or you would like to join our friendly group.